Get to know me

Rachel Leigh MS, RDN, CDN​

I come to nutrition by way of my garden and my kitchen. My love for horticulture and garden design has always been a dominant aspect of my life. I find particular joy in cultivating culinary gardens, blending my nutrition expertise with hands-on plant cultivation knowledge. This passion extends to my personal life, where I enjoy cooking and relishing delicious meals with friends and family.  
As a credentialed registered dietitian, I bring this holistic perspective to my practice, emphasizing inclusive and personalized care. Collaborating with clients, I strive to create nutrition plans that align with their health needs and incorporate the joy of cultivating and enjoying fresh, homegrown ingredients. Join me in exploring how this fusion of nutrition, horticulture, and culinary delights can elevate your health and well-being in ways that go beyond the plate.

My role in our nutrition partnership

Helping you interpret current nutrition research in a way that makes sense and can be applied practically and joyfully in your daily routine.

Addressing your specific needs with personalized nutrition and providing recommendations based on your health history that are nutritionally relevant.

Coordinating with other providers in the health care team to ensure you have the best health care available.

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 Our goal is to not only educate and inform you, but also to support you in achieving your personal well-being goals. We believe in taking a holistic approach, addressing all aspects of your health and lifestyle, to design a personalized plan that works best for you. This is achieved through ongoing consultations, regular progress assessments, and continuous support. Let us help you take charge of your health and make positive changes today.